Hobbyweld 5% Ultra Refill

Hobbyweld 5% Ultra Refill

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Product Description

Hobbyweld 5 Ultra is a 20 litre welding gas cylinder with a specific blend of 93% argon, 5% carbon dioxide and 2% oxygen.

A popular shielding gas and welding gas, ideally suited for MIG welding, in particular sheet metal and thin sections of mild steel under 7mm in thickness, such as car bodywork and light sheet work. Hobbyweld 5 is a unique blend of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen gas mix (often referred to as a tri-mix or an argon shield); it is very easy to use and provides a sound weld at very little cost. This gas mix offers a great number of benefits over using straight carbon dioxide for welding; it decreases the chances of porosity, welding spatter and oxidation.

  • Gas capacity 6.13 cubic metres
  • Pressure 300 bar/4350psi
  • Gas mix 93% Argon, 5% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen
  • Rental free cylinders
  • Deposit of £210 required on new bottles